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Post Co-op exhaustion

Is it just me? Actually I know it isn't just me because Kelly and I have already commiserated about it today. In years past, when I did co-op, it was always on Fridays, so we always had the next day off from school. We could sleep in. Daddy was home. We didn't try to get a full day of school in.

Oh my goodness, today was a nightmare. My children were grouchy and cranky and just plain mean to each other. It isn't helping that Liberty has a nasty cough and isn't sleeping well, and her sister woke her up this morning rather rudely. Its chilly outside, and I think we would all have preferred to stay snuggled under the covers this morning. Almost everything I asked Liberty to do today was met with resistance. And when I say resistance, I mean a knock-down, drag-out, screamfest. Oh my migraine.

Ainsley finished up her scantron testing today though, which is one burden relieved for the beginning of school for her, she just has her writing sample to finish and send off to the teacher. Liberty did about 3 questions on the scantron in Math and had a complete meltdown. I have no idea how she is going to finish the whole test. I tried stressing to her that it is just trying to see what she knows, but she just cannot fathom answering a question wrong, and has no desire to even try if she is going to get it wrong. Ugh ugh ugh. How is she going to survive testing in the spring?

And Melody is a good little student, but she is requesting my full and complete attention at all times. Which I am of course unable to provide, which means yet another meltdown. I don't have the luxury of not schooling on Fridays, so we are going to have to work through this as the weeks go by. But this is a challenge I did not anticipate.

So now, we are off to run a few errands, and I am sorely hoping that I do not soon regret this decision to leave my house.


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