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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Michael Phelps and the American 400m relay team were AMAZING. If you missed that race, you need to go and find it and watch it now. I was screaming in the living room cheering them on. I am quite sure they heard me all the way in China. Incredible. And the fact that even the fifth place team finished ahead of the previous World Record. Just WOW.

And the poor American girls gymnastics team. Bela said it well that at least now they have a mindset of coming to win from behind. I just don't envy them; they are going to really have to work hard to beat those Chinese girls. And the judges were really harsh, particularly on beam. Give me a break. I was also amazed by the 33-year-old gal who I remember watching in Barcelona when I was 15 and she was 17. Her vault was amazing, and she is still a powerhouse. I cannot wait to watch her in the individuals. Our girls could also take a few pointers in artistry from the Russians. They perform so beautifully; its like watching Nadia all over again. My girls are finally showing an interest in gymnastics, and I think Liberty could be really really good. So we may look into lessons for them after the New Year and after they complete 2 more months of Karate.

Church this morning was nice, especially sitting with friends. Even if I didn't know the songs, and even if I couldn't stop sneezing because someone nearby was wearing perfume I was allergic to ;) I loved the message, one of my favorite passages was the topic. Apropos for the Olympics, he talked about running the race, and that if we are Christians, we are in the race, and the only observers are already dead. I had other observations from the message I wanted to share, but my notes are in the basement, and I am sitting at the new desk in the playroom, in the new PINK office chair! I will have to share more thoughts tomorrow.

We went to Staples today looking for a specific item which I promptly forgot to look for once we arrived. But we got a cute pink steno chair for the playroom, and set up Liberty's computer on the corner of the desk in the playroom. I think it will give her a nice, quiet spot to do her schoolwork, as long as the toys are not a distraction! We will also be moving the desk that was in the basement up to our bedroom. Fortunately it is cherry colored and will match our bedroom furniture. I am going to use it for storage, and maybe a TV and DVD player. Right now all we have is a little 13" TV to put in it, but I am going to keep an eye out on Craigslist for a cheap, slightly larger TV since we gave my sister the 19" TV we used to have. We've never had a TV in our bedroom since Kev and I got married, but I thought it might be nice during the winter to sit in bed under our nice electric blanket and snuggle and watch movies when the basement is freezing cold!

Tomorrow we are starting school. Our COVA curriculum still has yet to arrive, but much of it can be done with printouts from the computer, so we will start there I will also count setting up the school room and introducing the girls to the new curriculum as part of our school time. Everyone knows in a brick and morter, the first week of school is all about getting to know the teacher, classroom, schedule, etc anyway, so I figure we will be well ahead of that by the end of our first week! And we can't actually start recording attendence 'til next week anyway.

And now I have to go finish folding and putting away laundry so I can actually go to bed before tomorrow!


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