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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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As I almost miss blogging once again, I will have to blame it on the Olympics! Those male gymnasts!! Wow. And swimming. Amazing!!! Its just incredible.

But what I ought to be blogging about is our first day of school. I am now schooling a Kindergartner, Second Grader, and Fourth Grader. I cannot believe I am the mother of a fourth grader. I remember fourth grade so well. And while my fourth grader is a year and a half younger than I was when I was in fourth grade, it is still amazing to me. We started all of our COVA curriculum that was available to us online. We completed two days of Math, a little Language Arts, a lesson of History that Ainsley was able to do completely on her own, an Art lesson for each girl, and we sorted all of our new school supplies. The school room still isn't set up completely, but we worked quite a bit in the playroom, and that actually worked pretty well. I still have to think through how I want everything set up . . . Art was fun. Liberty sketched a garden scene and colored it in with crayon. Ainsley used a large mirror to sketch a self portrait and color it in with colored pencils. She read and followed all the instructions on her own, drew it completely on her own, and did a fabulous job. I will scan it tomorrow and add it to this post. She also told me how fun she thought school was, and that she really plans to work very hard this school year. I was very very proud of her. All three of them really. My biggest struggle is going to be occupying Melody without the help of COVA. Kindergarten requires so much one on one interaction, as does second grade, and since we aren't using K12 for Melody, I am once again creating my own K curriculum. And I have plenty to draw from, but I need to be better prepared in the morning setting her up with activities she can work on alone while I am working with her sisters.

And now I really ought to post and get in bed. Does it still count as posting every day if I post this at 12:02? I promise I started the entry at 11:40p.m. :)


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