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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Well, I missed a day. . .

But it wasn't because I didn't remember, I was just busy busy busy. Had a maternity shoot yesterday, then lots and lots of hours of proofing with Kelly. We also did a little redesign on her blog. Eventually I need to get a list of blogs I read added to my side bar! Kelly's blog is here.

The maternity shoot was great, and I can't wait to photograph the birth!

We got one tiny shipment this morning from K12 for Liberty, a laminated map and a blow up globe. We are supposed to get a ton more today and another few more later this week. The girls are still enjoying school, but I think it will get better once their books actually arrive! The girls both love the art curriculum so far. I also found a great blog from an art teacher with lots of wonderful ideas I am going to implement when we run out of lessons (or maybe interspersed with K12 lessons). Kelly may even have access to a kiln, and I would love to do some ceramics with the girls!

I just talked to my dad. He is on a plane home from the teeny airport in Omaha.

So, there is a lot going on around here, and not a moment to sit still. We really need to go on one more camping trip, just to close the summer on a high. Its been pretty awful weather the past few weekends, so I am hoping for a nice clear weekend soon!

Alrighty, its back to school time for me now, recess is over!


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