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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Letters to the teacher

Just thought I would post the letters the girls wrote in response to their new COVA Supporting Teacher's questions.

Liberty's letter:

Dear Miss T--,
I like going ice skating and riding my bike. I also like going swimming at the Y and jumping on the trampoline. I like learning about the oceans and the states and the countries. I also like learning about paintings and how to do art. I don't really like reading that much, or saying the French words. I like going to get treats when I have been really helpful, and I have a cat named Molly and two birds named Charlie and Lola. I would like to know what your favorite animal is. My favorite animals are frogs and I also like cats and bald eagles and manatees, whales, and dolphins. I like going new places, like Mount Rushmore, and I want to go to New York City. I also want to see the Eiffle Tower in Paris.
Sincerely, Liberty

Ainsley's Letter:

Dear Miss T--,
I have enjoyed the past days I have done this new school! I was born in California too! I have lived in Colorado for 2 and a half years. I would really like to meet you and go on field trips with you. Are you going to be at the zoo next week? Anyway, I like to read and cook. My favorite books are Dragonrider and the Dragonspell series. I like learning about fossils and the past, like archeologists. I don't really like math or spelling. I really like unicorns, dragons, and dragonflies. I like to go fishing and camping. I saw some fish, but I didn't catch any! You should have been there, there was an island full of calling seagulls! It was funny. I would like to know what some of your favorite recipes are, and maybe we can cook them together someday.
Sincerely, Ainsley

And now I need to run and check on my green tea ice cream that is churning in the kitchen sink. School has been going well, not getting quite as much done as I would like, but its just the first week :) I did get a nap today, which was lovely. I just really need to finish getting the schoolroom and my desk in order, and I will feel more organized! I think I hear the motor on the ice cream machine slowing down . . .


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