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Playroom shenanigans

It has been project after project around here lately! We started a reorganization of the playroom back at the end of March, and just today got around to really finishing it off. Even now, its not totally done because I need to find some new, taller chairs for the new desk we just built. But its a LOT more done than it was this morning. No longer does it look like a toy factory exploded in there! And I am sure I will find a lot more tweaking to do, including possibly adding a computer to the desk. We'll see . . .

But it sure feels good to get more organized. And as I listen to the sound of the sprinklers, I am thinking about how lovely the new little shoots of grass look in the yard! That was something I was really bothered about, having the ugliest yard in the neighborhood! Besides, having grass in the backyard is almost a necessity. I couldn't believe how much mud and dirt was being tracked into my house because the grass was dead!!

The girls were very helpful today too. Melody cleaned up the basement all by herself! They had turned half the basement into a library, and she stacked and shelved all the books :) Liberty cleaned and organized her room. She also helped me install the desk brackets. And she helped daddy return the movies we rented. Ainsley also cleaned her room, helped organize her closet, and helped daddy with the new school computer.

Ack, I thought everyone was asleep, but I hear crying. That's my cue to hit publish post!


  1. Lookin' Up said...

    You must have gotten a lot done! I can't wait to see it. Sorry, I never got over with your stuff. I meant to bring it when I picked up the kids and forgot it.
    Your house is really coming together!!! Its going to be great when its all done.

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