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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Just call me Handy Manny

Or something like that :)

In the past two days I have: built/installed a desk system in the playroom, built a shelf for that desk, built a 9 cube organizer, installed a ceiling fan, installed a new light switch (which didn't shock me, but did shock Shawn! Whoops!), rearranged the playroom (again!), cleaned the kitchen, washed laundry, cooked meals, shopped, showered, brushed my teeth . . . and still had time for an impromptu visit and meal with friends. It has a been a full and productive weekend. I still didn't go shopping at Penney's though ;)

The girls LOVE the reorganized playroom. I have been considering selling the train table for quite some time now. It takes up a lot of space, and tends to become a clutter magnet, and doesn't get played with as often as I would like. This morning, Kev and I were awakened by the sounds of shuffling wood, cooperation, and choo-chooing. My big girls love to arrange and rearrange track, and we have MILES of it. I told them I would give them one more chance to show me that they could work together to keep the train table clean and tidy or it was going to have to find a new home. The novelty may wear off, but I enjoyed hearing them work and play together so nicely this morning.

The new desk was at times today: an art table, a nursery, a veterinary office, a neighborhood, and a store. I was told by each of the girls how much they loved the new table. It fills a whole wall, and gives them plenty of play space. We also drilled (with the hole saw, fun!) holes for cables so that lights, and possibly computers someday, can be used on the desk. Liberty asked several times if we could have school in that room. It might make a nice spot for her to work independently.

In other news, our grass does actually seem to be growing! I know, everyone is shocked. And no one is probably more pleased than our OCD neighbor who takes meticulous care of his own lawn. He probably hated having to look across the street at our barren wasteland. Or perhaps I am projecting. He is very nice, but I imagine we receive plenty of dirty looks from behind closed doors! The front yard is actually looking nicer than the backyard. Which is great because it means no one will call the neighborhood beautification police on us! But man I wish the backyard would be nice and lush so the girls would quit tracking in so much mud. Hopefully another week or so and it will fill in more like the front. I am sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about my lawn, but I am feeling quite proud!!

Its almost time to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and my husband would really like to watch a movie with me.

So far I am meeting my goal to post everyday. I would like to post at least once a day for the entire month of August. I think if I can do that, I might actually get into the habit of blogging, and have a nice journal to remember these fleeting moments!


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