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Colorado Ballon Classic, Day 1

I dragged myself out of bed at 5:45 a.m. and pulled Ainsley out of bed a few minutes later. We dressed in the dark (I even had my shirt on inside out, whoops!) and stumbled out to the car. Then we drove away into the sunrise!
Colorado Balloon Classic
We walked up to the top of Prospect lake just as the first balloon was taking off!
Colorado Balloon Classic

Ainsley and I both took lots of pictures, and she took a couple of videos. We had a really nice time just the two of us. And I bought a souvenir that I have been wanting for three years straight. So I bought it. :) I will wait to tell more about it until I have a picture!

We chatted, we oohed and ahhed over the balloons. We cheered for the folks whose baskets dipped into the water. We cheered for the ones who made it back out again when it looked like they might get stuck (and soaked!). We smelled the lovely street fair smells. Ainsley won a hat from the Geico booth with a little green gecko on it. She loves hats!

Colorado Balloon Classic

And when all the balloons had floated away, and some had even come back to land at the starting area, we chatted with the local weatherman, and he was much better looking in person. We lazily made our way back to the car after swinging on a park bench. (This park has several bench swings!) Then it was off to breakfast at Mimi's!

I had such a lovely (early!) morning with my oldest. It made me realize how much I need to do this more often. Not just to grab a kid and run her to the grocery store, but to intentionally do something special individually, just for no reason at all.

Colorado Balloon Classic


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