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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Its been a looooong week . . .

We have been dealing with a feverish, cranky kid all week. Liberty was feeling really yucky on Monday, but Tuesday she seemed to be on the mend. She was fine on Wednesday. But halfway through co-op on Thursday, she started complaining that her ear was really hurting. She had a fever and a seriously painful ear, even on two types of painkillers. Poor kid! We even had to skip a meeting with the teacher :( She still has a touch of a fever today, but her attitude is much improved, and she has been running around a playing today, which is a huge improvement over several days spent sleeping, eating, and coloring in the big blue chair.

I have a post hanging out in the cue about the recent birth I attended, but I have been waiting 'til I got the pictures processed before posting. Whoops, have had ZERO time to sit at my computer!

Oh and Molly has been catching mice in the basement. EEEEeewwww. But at least she is earning her keep, I just wish she didn't HAVE to. I hate rodents. I really really really need to get them out of my house. Yucky. Eww. Gross. Ick. All the more reason to not sit at my computer. . . too close to the mice!!!

Ummm, what else can I ramble about?

Oh yes, pancakes!

Each weekend I have been making up a batch of a different type of pancakes for us to try out. The first week we tried applesauce pancakes. I used a simple pancake mix that added applesauce and cinnamon for a "moister" pancake. They were okay. Not fabulous. Better than plain pancakes, but took a long long time to cook, and had a funky texture. Last weekend, I made pumpkin pancakes. These were a LOT better than the applesauce ones. It was a much thinner batter with soy milk and eggs, pumpkin pie spices and canned pumpkin. These were almost like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast! They made the house smell delicious, and I had plenty of extra that we toasted up for breakfast a couple more times during the week. The girls declared them the best pancakes ever, and I had to agree. But this week we had the very best pancakes yet! We had German Pancakes, or popovers, or pop-up pancakes. We used this recipe, but modified it with soy milk as my tummy is growing more and more lactose intolerant. I probably should also have added a bit more flour for our altitude. As it was they took over twenty minutes and didn't get quite as lovely and golden. We ate ours with jam and powdered sugar, and a few with syrup and butter. They were so tasty! A bit like the crepes we love, and a bit like waffles. Super easy, and the only thing you have to make sure to have on hand is plenty of eggs.

Its been an eating sort of a weekend. I just cooked up some spinach and popcorn for dinner. Yes its weird. But it was yummy, and since we had salad and corn dog muffins for lunch, none of us were super hungry. And we have fresh made green tea ice cream for dessert tonight, so why fill up on other food when you can have ice cream?! About that lactose intolerance, yeah, I give up. Do those Lact-aid pills work? Or are there any good soy milk ice cream recipes out there?


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