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Just more rambling from yet another homeschooling mom. I hope that I can honestly share my struggles and triumphs in this journey. I would love to inspire and encourage others, because if I can do it - so can you!!


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Have sick child . . .

Will trade for chocolate!

And it is so hard to get motivated to get out of my computer chair when there is a soft, warm, and cozy sleeping kitty on my lap.

This week we have co-op, DIBELS testing for Liberty, and lots and lots of school work to do. I need to be more intentional about having my kids write, especially in their handwriting books. I feel like we are still getting into the groove with schoolwork, and I just don't know what I need to get accomplished everyday. We are doing well with the core subjects, and the co-op is helping a lot with Art, Science, and History which can easily fall by the wayside in the day to day subjects. But I still find it hard to motivate them with spelling and handwriting.

And I am having a hard time finding enough to keep Melody occupied with work she can do on her own. We are also trying to do reading every day, and she loves it, but I know she could do more if I had the time.

I think we will also do some baking today. Yesterday, between fevers, sneezing, coughing, and general ickiness, we did a whole lot of laying around in front of the fireplace trying to stay warm. I can't believe I actually am at the point where I need to clean out all the vents so that we can run the HEATER! Right now warm clothes, socks, and blankets are doing the trick, but it won't be long before we will need the heater too. Isn't it technically still summer? Our leaves are already changing color. I think we may try to eat outside this afternoon and then sketch pictures of the changing leaves. I'd like to do a quick 4 part series by each of them, one with most of the leaves green still, one with most of the leaves changing color, one with the leaves on the ground and the branches bare, and one of the trees covered in snow. Then in the spring we will add to the series. I was thinking about making the sketches small and then framing them in a series. So we will see how it goes today :)

And now that it is nine o'clock, we really ought to get our school day started!


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