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One of those days . . .

You know, one where if it can go wrong, it will be worse than you imagine possible? Yeah.

I was upstairs in the bathroom when I heard the microwave beeping every five seconds or so. My kids are NOT supposed to use the microwave, except once in a while I will ask Ainsley or Liberty to put something in the microwave for a specific amount of time. They know they are supposed to ask if they want something warmed up, and I have been teaching the older two how to properly used the microwave. So I called downstairs and found out it was Melody who was microwaving a corn bag. I asked to her to come upstairs, talked to her sharply about not using the microwave and told all the girls that they needed to stop using the microwave. Mel apologized and I thought that was the end of it.

About 2 hours later, I went outside to take out the trash, noticed a pretty flower blooming, and came in to get my camera. I went outside and took a few pictures, walked around to the front of the house, and came back inside when I saw and smelled smoke. Lots and lots and lots of smoke. Acrid, nasty, burned corn smoke. I came into the kitchen and saw it just pouring out of the microwave, heard the hissing and sizzling, and loud popping and cracking. It was disgusting. The smoke was making me gag and burned my eyes. I can still smell it in my nostrils over four hours later. And the house still smells just awful. I am sure the microwave is beyond repair. It has turned brownish yellow inside and outside on the vents. I have opened all the windows in the house to no avail. I have no idea how to get rid of this horrible stench!

Melody admitted that she had put the corn bag in the microwave for who knows how long. Our display was already broken, so you had to be extra careful when using the microwave that you didn't push the button one too many times. For some reason, she decided that she didn't need to stick around, so I never saw her put it in there. I am guessing it was in the microwave for over 10 minutes judging by the destruction.

Then I just had more and more little things go wrong the rest of the evening. My silverware drawer picked tonight to fall apart again. I busted a plate taking the cheese grater out of the dishwasher. I burned my knuckle taking biscuits out of the oven. I stubbed my toe on the kitchen island. My kids were uber cranky during dinner and just couldn't be bothered to be kind to one another. Honestly, they were all just lucky they survived 'til bedtime.

On the bright side, tomorrow couldn't possible be worse. Right?


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