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Microwave installation techniques . . .

Home depot is open one hour later than Lowe's, just in case you ever need to get washers at the last minute to hold up your new microwave. . .

Last night was crazy, and by the time the microwave was installed, I was beat. I fell asleep in the armchair, and Kevin dragged me to bed some unknown time later. I am yawning just thinking about it.

Today was our first outing to an event sponsored by COVA. We went for a free day at the Denver Zoo! We all love the zoo, and Kevin decided to take the day off to join us. I am so glad he did. It was a lovely day. The girls were exceptionally well behaved. We learned lots about the animals, and saw many wonderful exhibits! We definitely need to go back as we know we missed quite a few things!

We all loved the brand new 10-day-old baby giraffe! So little, and yet already 2 inches taller than Kevin!

Denver Zoo

The rainforest exhibit was really wonderful. So many interesting and varied animals and creatures! We saw vampire bats, poison dart frogs, giant snapping turtles, and humongous fish!

Denver Zoo

I loved the elephants, the cheetahs, the zebras, and all the African animals. I think I need to go on a safari!
Denver Zoo

Overall, we were really impressed with the whole zoo. On the way home we drove by the Capitol building, the U.S. Mint, and made our way to Baja Fresh for dinner! Yummy fish tacos. . . It was a great day! And if you didn't get your fill of pictures in this post, feel free to browse my flickr account for plenty more!!

Denver Zoo

And now I leave you with this video:


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