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The Week of Waiting

This week we are learning patience.

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of our new curriculum. We were supposed to receive books by tomorrow, but now it looks like we won't be getting anything until next week. Which basically drives me crazy. I am the type that wants text message updates for each stage of the journey when I am having a package delivered. So when you tell me that I "should" have my materials by Friday, and they haven't even shipped by Wednesday. . . yeah that makes me a little crazy. But I am trying to have patience.

We've also been in the midst of trying to rescue our yard. Our poor yard suffered from lack of water, fertilizer, aeration, and basically any sort of its basic needs being met. Whoops. In fairness, our sprinklers were broken. Really really really broken. My dad was so great to help us get them repaired. But the yard was beyond just needing water. We spent Sunday afternoon tilling, fertilizing and seeding. We have been watering like crazy this week and hoping for the best. Another exercise in patience.

The girls are also trying to have patience. They are usually out on the trampoline bouncing around everyday, riding their bikes, picnicking, pulling around the wagon, and just being outside. Not being able to be outside on the grass has been pretty difficult for them (and me!), so I have been trying to come up with some interesting places to go that don't cost a bunch of money. We have a Y membership, and there are two different YMCA pools that have indoor water playgrounds. Both are about half an hour away in opposite directions. One day we went to the northern one, got all changed, showered and into the pool, only to be told we had to sit out for 10 minutes. Then after about 15 minutes of actual swim time, they closed the pool. Ugh. The next day we go to the other YMCA. We get all the way there and realize that MOMMY forgot 2 of the swimsuits!!!! I felt like such a dolt. They also have this great big play structure which we couldn't play in because we didn't have socks. So they had to deal with lots of disappointment. Of course I tried to make it up to them by taking them to another park. Oh, but it had parking meters, and I had no change! Finally we ended up at a miniature golf course. Which was fun, and a good reward for all the mommy-failures. Of course, it was also another lesson for me to have patience, since by that time they were all hot, tired, cranky, hungry and thirsty.

So yeah, lots of patience being practiced. I can hardly wait to see what other life lessons we will be practicing this week!


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