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Sewing frustration

URG. urg. urg. urg. urg. urg.

Does that accurately portray what I am currently feeling?


I was in the very last stage of a new pair of flannel jammies for Melody, just needed to gather and sew the sleeves on, when I fiddled with the feed dog mechanism on my machine. Now, it is dead dead dead to all regular sewing. I cannot believe it. I was already frustrated with it because it was refusing to cooperate earlier. I cannot ever get the stupid automatic button holer to work. Oh, how I miss the four step button hole on my mom's machine. But now . . . now, the material will not feed through the machine. I am so completely disgusted.

I looked up several repair shops in the area, and its going to be a minimum of about $90 to $140 to get it repaired!!!!!!!!!!! I can go buy a new machine from Costco for $179. My machine is from 2001, so it isn't ancient or anything. It shouldn't be falling to pieces already. I thought for sure that when I *someday* got a new machine, it would be an upgrade to a real embroidery machine. So much for that idea :S A new machine was so not in the budget. But I have about 10 different sewing projects either in process or that I need to finish before Christmas.

Now I just need to decide if I am going to find a cheap used machine for the time being, or go grab something from Costco or Sam's, or just make due borrowing a machine from a friend to finish the current project.

UGH!!! It just really bugs me that I have taken the whole darn machine apart and I cannot find a reason why it is being difficult. If you know me, you know that I like to be able to fix whatever is broken. And not being able to fix it just makes me want to throw it out the window!!!

And. . . Why is sewing repair and maintenance so incredibly expensive now? I remember I used to take the old machine in for about $30 for standard maintenance. Here the minimum is $69 for basic cleaning!

urg . . . urm. . . ugh


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