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Getting political

Ok, I realize my readership is practically miniscule, but I cannot stay silent. I was just sent this link from Focus on the Family Action and it makes me want to throw up. It is a fictional letter from the year 2012 based on facts and, while not a prediction, it is a glimpse into what the future could hold for us if Barack Obama is elected president of the United States.

I just cannot fathom how any Christian could be swayed into voting for a man who has proven himself time and again to vote as liberal as possible. Honestly, I am so disturbed by the possibility that this man could one day hold so much sway over my rights. Read the letter, and just put yourself in that time frame for one moment, and then tell me if it doesn't scare the cr@$ right out of you. I know that Christians will one day find themselves the object of extreme persecution, but I wouldn't want to be a part of ushering it in. I would like to continue to teach my children how I see fit, when I see fit. I consider myself extraordinarily blessed to be a part of something like COVA, where the "teacher" assigned to us also attends our church, where I can continue to teach my children about the Bible, and Jesus Christ who died for our sins. I cannot imagine Jesus voting for Obama.

Its just scary.

And there are nine billion blogs out there right now about politics, but I have never felt more strongly that we NEED to get out there and vote. And seriously consider what Jesus would do. Do I think John McCain is the perfect choice for our country? Not necessarily, but in light of the alternative I say a resounding YES! Please, if you are a citizen of this country, get out there and vote. Don't tell your children one day that you would have voted, or you would have done something differently. Make the effort. Go early, so many places are now allowing early voting. Make your voice be heard. Pray. And Vote.

And now I am hopping of my soapbox, and praying I don't have nightmares after reading that fictional, but highly probable letter.


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